Regarding education, the focus is on reducing the workload, the efficient use of services and the safety of employees and students. inepro's authentication and identification platform centralises and digitizes processes, simplifying management. With the introduction of a cashless payment system, you also get the physical cash out of your educational institution, which increases the safety of your students and employees. Are you curious about the time- and money-saving solutions from inepro such as paying for services with one organisation card or secure access to Multi Functional Printers or lockers?



Safety in healthcare is an important recurring topic. Access to healthcare institutions must be managed, but the allocation of permission for certain doors and zones must also be properly controlled and regulated. In addition, the protection of (patient) data is very important within healthcare. With the authentication and payment platform from inepro you can implement identification for access but also for secure printing, copying and scanning. In addition, you can link payments for, among other things, lunch to the means of authentication. 



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Digital transformation in business is increasingly becoming the norm. Optimizing (manual) processes can save you a lot of time and money and ensure error reduction. In addition, you ensure more ease of use for your employees and other users of your services. inepro provides various solutions in the field of authentication, payment and management. This way we can support you with the implementation of cashless and contactless payment in your organisation. If you want to regulate your document flows such as printing, copying and scanning, we have the right authentication options for you. Read more about the solutions from inepro here.



Government institutions are increasingly focusing on electronic services to save money and time. The processes for services and products that you offer to your employees and visitors can also be considerably simplified. With the inepro hardware and software solutions you can introduce cashless payment at coffee, soda, snack and candy machines, but also for services such as secure printing, copying and scanning. In addition to creating more ease of use, the management of these transactions takes much less time. 



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