DocuPRO MO is a web-based application that allows secure release of print jobs on any device with an internet connection. The DocuPRO MO application offers users the possibility to log in via manual input, user name and password, card or biometrics. It also offers users the possibility to link each type of card to their personal account stored in DocuPRO7.

As soon as the user is logged in, DocuPRO MO releases all the users print jobs in the queue. The user can delete the print jobs, change properties and of course print. DocuPRO MO works as a client application of Inepro's print management software, DocuPRO7, a module of the inepro Back office suite (iBos).

Product specifications

  • Print kiosk requirements Monitor with a minimum resolution of 800 x 480 pixels.
  • GoogleChromebrowser version 39 or higher is recommended.
  • DCR / MCR80x card reader (IP) for authentication with card.
  • DCR / MCR70x card reader (USB) for authentication with card.


  • Manual input
  • Card authentication A
  • Print Preview
  • Delete print jobs
  • Print order data change; such as the number of copies or from color to black / white
  • Printing (all) print jobs
  • Self-service registration; linking IDs, such as cards, by the user with his account
  • Changing the desired language of the application by the user
  • Follow Me & You