To get the full experience of their solutions, Osborne Technologies’ office guests always get a tour around their showroom. Recently Inepro was also rewarded with a new and beautiful demo spot at our business partner’s office. In the many years that Osborne Technologies has been providing IT solutions, their business has grown steadily into the comprehensive provider they are today.

Wageningen University & Research centre has introduced the MyInepro app to its students, which will complement the cashless payment system used by the educational institute. MyInepro allows students to top-up their balance, overview their transactions and manage print jobs. “MyInepro will make it much easier to use our E-Wallet”, says René de Koster (IT).


At the 7th of April Panama was the first country to host this year’s Ricoh Connects. The launch of these annual series of new generation industry events took place in the Sheraton with the Dominican Republic (21 April) as second destination. In May and June Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Costa Rica and El Salvador will be visited and the conclusion of the tour will take place at the 7th of July in Peru. 


Last year, at the 21st and 22nd of October, Inepro was invited to the Ricoh Development Program-conference in London. Inepro was asked to participate in a contest to develop an out of the box embedded solution for Ricoh’s new Smart Operating Panel (SOP) device. This Android operating SOP offers more operating options and improved communication like mobile devices.

This July Inepro will launch its new card reader: the SCR708. This new and very compact card reader will be the DCR707/708.G's as well as the MCR707/708.G's successor. Besides its cleaner and slimmer exterior, the SCR708 will come with all the combined benefits of the previous editions providing a stronger performance.


We would like to inform SQL Server 2005 users about Microsoft’s discontinuation announcement last month. The software company communicated at the 12th of April that Microsoft has ended the support for the SQL Server 2005. If you are still running SQL Server 2005, you will no longer receive security updates.


Since the release of Inepro Back office suite’s  update in February, Inepro has been highlighting its complementary features and possibilities. In March Inepro introduced the new iBos end-user app MyInepro for more insight into and control over transactions and documents. This month Inepro zooms in on the simplification of licenses and features of the modular software solution.


In 2017 England will introduce a new £1 coin, replacing the current one which is already 33 years old. The announcement in 2014 of the new £1, raised some concerns in different industries about possible adjustments resulting from this change. The ministry of Finances dismissed most by assuring as many factors as possible have been taken in consideration to avoid unnecessary extra costs.