Now that staying at home has become the new ‘normal’, it can be quite a challenge to entertain (your) children. That's why we've added two fun papercraft projects that we hope will bring you lots of joy!

Wright Brothers

The story of the Wright Brothers plays an important role at inepro. On December 17, 1903, after years of preparation, planning, research, patience, and more than 1,000 test flights, they performed the first manned flight. All their choices that led to this were made based on 6 principles.

These principles from the "efficient adventurers" are also used by inepro. Check out our colouring-in printable and create a beautiful Wright world!

Mister inepro

Mister inepro is widely used in our communication materials. With a pair of scissors and some glue you can bring a little extra color into your home! Print out our activity sheet and get started!