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Many organisations spend a large part of their time on peripheral tasks. This administrative hassle has often become necessary due to changes, so that you drift further and further away from your main objectives. It is inepro's mission to make your organisation safer and more efficient so that you can fully focus on achieving your ambitions.


Authentication, payment and management solutions

Since its inception in 1992, inepro has grown from coin automation specialists to innovative developer of authentication, payment and management systems. inepro offers solutions to organisations that want to offer various services in a safe and money-free environment. This could include electronic access control, time registration as well as the payment for lunch, hot / cold drinks, printing or copying without any cash involved. A big advantage of such a system is that users do not have to walk around with money unnecessarily. In addition, the transaction speed at, for example, cash registers or vending machines is increased considerably.



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For an organisation, implementing a money-free environment has many advantages. Processes are merged, simpler to manage, there is less room for error and a good basis is formed for, for example, charging costs or regulating document flows. By efficiently managing and securing your processes you can save on, among other things, maintenance, resources and electricity. In addition, you can convert costs into income. Consider, for example, the implementation of paid printing.


Innovate green

With our vision for the future, inepro stands for green innovation. In all activities we look for the right balance between making a profit and the influence on our planet and people.

Quality and safety have a high priority within inepro. We ensure optimum and safe working conditions. In addition, we minimize risks with regard to the environment and quality, partly through the deployment of well-trained and knowledgeable staff. Our software and hardware solutions are (inter) nationally certified or, if applicable, have a CE mark. In addition, good equipment and sustainable materials are used.

By using our products and solutions, our customers not only save time and money, but they also contribute to a better environment by reducing the use of natural reserves.
These solutions are developed and produced by inepro itself so that good working conditions can be guaranteed. We try to limit our waste flows as much as possible and we recycle what we can recycle. Old equipment supplied by us is collected at the end of the term of a (lease) contract and if possible reused for parts.

The head office of inepro is built entirely according to its own design with the latest green innovations and techniques. Partly by geothermal energy and concrete core activation and residual heat recovery, 40% is saved on energy each year and the building is fully CO2 neutral. The specially designed, highly efficient cooling and heating ensure an optimal working climate that stores heat in the summer and consumes this in winter. This makes the need for air conditioning and the consumption of gas unnecessary.

Because mutual communication is very important to us, as many walls as possible in the building are made of glass. This way everyone is always in direct contact with each other and the building gets an open look. The flexible LED lighting system offers an optimal working atmosphere under any circumstances and mimics 98% sunlight, so that inepro employees produce extra vitamin D. All internal IT services (e-mail, CRM, ERP) are used via the cloud. There is therefore no internal server infrastructure.

To minimize the impact of our colleagues, who are often on the road, inepro has opted for a fleet of vehicles that consists of 42% hybrid and 31% electric cars. If expansion or replacement of the fleet is required, hybrid and electric vehicles will be chosen



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