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If you have inepro hardware that you want to return or have it repaired, please complete the RMA form and follow the instructions on the form. If you have any other questions and / or remarks for the support department, please feel free to contact us.

inepro manuals

If you are looking for more technical information about specific software or hardware from inepro, take a look at inepro manuals. Here you will find an overview of digital manuals and instructions. If you do not find what you are looking for in the overview, please contact our support department.


Do you have a technical question about our authentication, payment and management solutions? Below you will find a collection of frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers. If you do not find your question in the list, please contact inepro's support department.

  • What is a payment system? Open or Close

    The payment solution from inepro centralises and simplifies transactions within an organisation. For example, by means of an organisation card, an employee can authenticate himself to a Multi Functional Printer to print (confidential) documents or pay for lunch at an EPOS or vending machine. In addition, the pass or tag can also be used to gain access to the building, specific zones or lockers.

    The credit on the card can easily be topped up with a mobile app or an top up machine from inepro. The payments and the use of the services are centrally managed within the organisation, providing more insight into and control over the services offered by you.

  • What is an authentication system? Open or Close

    With an authentication solution of inepro you can implement safety throughout your organisation. In addition to access control, you can also apply authentication to services such as printing, copying and scanning.

    Because the user first identifies with a login code, card or tag, (confidential) documents will not end up in the wrong hands. Authentication can also be a means to register transactions and link them to cost centers.

  • What is access control? Open or Close

    With every organisation it is important that there is control over who enters the building. In addition, it may be necessary for permissions to be made for specific employees, visitors or suppliers for different zones, areas or doors. These persons can gain access to the building or zones by, for example, offering a card to a card reader.

    Detailed reports can also be drawn up with software so that you can see who has accessed where and when.

  • What can inepro do for me? Open or Close

    If you want to offer services in your organisation to your employees, students and / or guests in a money-free environment, inepro can offer you a total solution (hardware and software).

    For example, electronic access control, settling lunch in canteens with an EPOS cash register system, paying for drinks and snacks from vending machines or secure and paid printing, scanning and copying. These facility services can be purchased for example, with an organisation card.

  • What does inepro mean? Open or Close

    inepro is an abbreviation of: "innovatieve Nederlandse producten" (innovative Dutch products.)

  • How can I reach inepro? Open or Close

    Pondweg 7
    2153 PK Nieuw-Vennep

    T.: +31 (0)252 744 044
    F.: +31 (0)252 744 045


  • What does inepro do? Open or Close

    inepro is a developer and supplier of innovative authentication, (cashless) payment, document and management solutions.

  • What are inepro's opening hours? Open or Close

    The inepro office is open from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm from Monday to Friday.