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Nottinghamshire Healthcare


As part of a smart working strategy the Trust had a need to consider a DocumentPrint Management system for newly refurbished site.

After product demonstrations by two their main print / copier suppliers’ print management systems, Nottinghamshire Healthcare drew the conclusion that DocuPRO developed by Inepro and offered by UK business partner Konica Minolte East was best suited to their requirements, aims and objectives. They particularly liked the fact the Konica Minolta East is a local centre of excellence for DocuPRO and that they clearly demonstrated their commitment to partner with the NHS to deliver the aims and objectives.

Mid Yorkshire Hospitals

Mid Yorkshire

Following a tendering process in September 2010 through an OGC buying solutions contract for Managed Services, a detailed evaluation process resulted in the contract being awarded to Inepro business partner UK based Konica Minolta East after a long due diligence process.