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Methodist University of São Paulo

A step towards the university of the future

Founded in 1938 the Methodist University of São Paulo, also known as UMESP, is a private university based in the city of São Bernardo do Campo, in the state of São Paulo, Brazil.
UMESP currently enrolls over 18,000 students, with most popular programs in the areas of communications and theology offered across 7 institutions distributed in 23 campuses. The school offers 40 different degrees, 60 post-grad programs and also K-11 programs.

UMESP is an often recipient of the most renamed awards in Brazil such as the Most innovative use of IT in Education in the “IT Media and Information Week Brazil 2015”; and the best higher education institution in the field of Communication and Information Management during the last 6 years in the “Brazilian Student Guide”.

Wageningen UR


Wageningen University & Research Centre (Wageningen UR) is the combination of a Dutch university and several commercial research centers in the town of Wageningen in Gelderland. There are approximately 9,000 students that study at Wageningen UR and 5,500 employees. The campus is spread across 25 locations in and around Wageningen and approximately 30 locations in the Netherlands.

The discontinuation of the Chipknip gave us the impetus to explore options for a new payment system. There were many reasons for choosing Inepro. Their high-quality technical solution was a good fit for the level of quality that Wageningen UR wants to represent and offer its students. The green and sustainable aspects of both the solution and Inepro as an organization were perfectly in line with Wageningen UR’s sustainability policy. Inepro presented a clear and complete plan of action. The price also influenced the final decision.


North- & East Netherlands

The Alfa-College is the Christian regional education centre for North- & East Netherlands. It offers secondary vocational education, customized corporate training and courses at 9 locations in Groningen, Hoogeveen, Hardenberg, Assen and Leek. The Alfa-College has 1000 employees and 12.000 students. 


Rolling out a payment system for all multi-functional printers, vending machines and cash registers: this was the first major project of the still fledgling University College Leuven Limburg (UCLL). Inepro embraced the challenge and supplied the new payment system. It is currently being used at nine campuses in Limburg and Leuven.

Source: Schoolfacilities

UIS at Central College


With a capability to connect software solutions to Inepro’s brand of payment & registration software modules, the UIS connector has todate been a valuable asset in many Education environments in which integration with 3rd party software is a need. One such successful story is at Central College in Nottingham UK, an enviroment in which UIS creates a useful link between Inepro’s DocuPRO print accounting software and docuQmanager from ATI (Advanced Technologies International) also based in the UK. The integration has been instrumental in providing “a job ticketing solution” within the college Central Reprographic Department (CRD). The combination of DocuPRO and docuQmanager gives the college students the ability to send print jobs over a pre-defined size directly to the print room in which docuQmanager produces the tickets to collect and pay for the print job, whilst DocuPRO accounts paper workflow and reports student print activity to education administrators.

College of Europe

Payment system takes service provision of Europacollege to an even higher level

Payment system takes service provision of Europacollege to an even higher level Students from all countries travel to Bruges to follow a post university degree at the famous Europacollege. Each year, it provides an outstanding learning experience for the approximately 350 students to prepare for a career within the European institutions. To make life easier for students and staff, the Europacollege has been collaborating with Inepro since 2007. This organisation developed a system for them to combine the already existing identity and access control with their solutions for an internal payment system, using one and the same card.

Source: FM Magazine

University of Gloucestershire


Inepro is delighted to have installed our CashPRO software and Epos tills at University of Gloucestershire (UoG). After nearly 200 years of teaching, the UoF offers cutting edge facilities in inspirational locations, cradled by the rolling hills of glorious Gloucestershire. Running on green electricity since 1993, whether it’s a student bus service or extra recycling bins, the UoG constantly aspire to new ways of delivering a sustainable future.

In an unusual request, the Inepro CashPRO software has been installed on a central server to control 6 x Epos Tills within the UoG. The touch screen Epos Tills are programmed to sell I.T. consumables, like memory sticks or CD-roms and account for late book borrowing payments and stationary sales throughout the learning centres within the university campuses.

Innovation Centre University of Exeter


Working alongside top Xerox UK concessionaire Pinnacle Office Equipment Limited, Inepro have successfully implemented a Shared Managed Print Service covering 50 companies at the Innovation Centre in Exeter.

In an effort to reduce costs, maximise efficiencies and improve print manage services, the Innovation Centre is serving a shared service resource to all the small firms within the building and its staff. The challenge was to allow all users in the building, regardless of which organisation or function they belonged in, to print securely in an accountable manner through independent networks, but using one shared server.

School of Management


Greenwich School of Management is one of London’s premier university collegebusiness schools specialising in management education. In early 2011 GSoM acquired their new campus building from GlaxoSmithKline at Greenford and prior to the opening, Osborne Technologies – Inepro’s partner in the UK had been working with GSoM in many areas of the IT infrastructure at their other existing campus buildings in Greenwich and London Bridge.

GSoM impressed with the level of work carried out by Osborne Technologies asked Tom Osborne (Managing Director) to look into a cashless card solution that would have no obstacles in operation throughout all 3 campuses.

School of Management pt. 2


Specialising in management education, London’s premier university college (GSoM) have recently updated their print fleet to introduce new Xerox MFP’s for both staff and student use, which necessitated a server update to include Inepro’s latest version of print accounting software DocuPRO7. Following the successful installation of Inepro’s complete iBos software suite back in 2011, Inepro are once again pleased to have worked with UK business partner Osborne Technologies in providing GSoM a brand new single I.D. and payment platform that covers print management, cashless catering, cashless vending, access control, visitor management and classroom attendance.

Olympus College

Arnhem - NL

If you have a flow of money within the school, it can be a risk in operation. Whilst the cash operation worked well within our school for long periods, the principals’ knew handling cash would be a thing of the past one day. The solution from Inepro is ideal, with one I.D. card the pupils are now able to do everything cashless within the environment. They buy food and drinks, use the lockers and print or copy without the need to bring any cash to school and parents are pleased with the outcome.

Rietveld Lyceum

Doetinchem - NL

We have many facilities here at our school where money transactions take place. The processing of transactions and handling money was time consuming and unreliable. Most of the time staff and pupils were fed up with the endless arrears in funds.

The next logical step was to approach our mentors or Department leaders in procuring an automated payment system that gave us a good insight into the sales output on one side and the expenditure on the other. The need to integrate our I.D. card into the same system was one very important factor.

Het Stedelijk

Zutphen NL

When considering the purchase of a cashless payment system, we wanted one solution for different applications. The main advantage of the Inepro system is that it is versatile, it can be used for payment of printing, copying, lending and identification. Flexibility is also reflected in the fact that the system is expandable for new applications with ease. For example, this year we added the access control module (AccessPRO) for use with the existing database and user cards.