If your organisation intends to reduce expenses, maximize efficiency and / or improve the management of your facility services offered by you, inepro can offer you a selection of solutions.

With inepro's authentication and (cashless) payment platform, payments are centralized and registered. This makes it easier to manage income and expenses and you also create a safer and user-friendly environment for your employees and visitors.

With the various authentication possibilities from inepro you have control over the access to your building and zones within your organisation or you can offer services such as follow you, secure, mobile or cloud printing.



If you, as an organisation, have to deal with different cash flows due to the various services you offer your employees and visitors, this can take you a lot of time. In addition, all these processes can be error-prone and difficult to manage alongside each other.

With hardware and software solutions from inepro you can centralize payments by implementing, for example, an EPOS cash register system, card readers, coin machines, upgrade devices and our inepro Back office suite software (iBos). You can also introduce prepaid cards for visitors so that they can make use of your services such as printing, copying and scanning or do transactions with your beverage and snack vending machines. This generates extra income for your organisation.



With the authentication and (cashless) payment platform from inepro you can easily register the use of your services. This way you always have insight and control over the different processes. With this insight you can better focus your services on the needs and thus save money and resources.

In addition, you can use the inepro hardware and software to assign detailed budgets to users, groups and departments. Also (free) products and services can be assigned to a person within a certain time and expenses can be monitored. Because of the possibility to draw up reports, you always have an overview of the services provided and the budgets spent.



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Through authentication you can implement safety throughout your organisation. In addition to inepro's AccessPRO that makes it possible for you to control access to entrances, doors and zones, you can also apply authentication for example to Multi Functional printers.

Your employees can only print out their copies after they have identified themselves with a card or tag. For example, (confidential) documents never end up in the wrong hands. inepro's software also makes it possible to print flexibly at various (currently available) MFPs or to export documents (from the cloud) from any mobile device. As a result, you increase the security of document flows, less paper and ink will be wasted and your employees will not be bothered by printers that are temporarily unavailable.



With the modular software system inepro Back office suite you can regulate, reduce or optimize various processes. By having control over and understanding the consumption of various services, you can work cost efficiently. With the centralized management of products, prices and services you also create a good basis for adequate stock management.



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