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inepro Back office manager

The Inepro Back office manager is your management programme for the different modules within iBos.

The iBos application is a modular system that consists of different modules which can be fully arranged as per your wishes. You can start with one of the modules and grow in phases into a completely cash-free environment.

With the Inepro Back office manager you can manage all your different software programmes at various levels and functions in an orderly fashion with one software programme and make detailed reports.


DocuPRO document accounting software from Inepro regulates, reduces and optimises the document flow within your company.

DocuPRO ensures maximum protections for your documents. In this way, print orders are not unblocked until the user identifies himself/herself to the printer. This increases security and prevent unnecessary printouts. If there is no centrally positioned MFP, DocuPRO can simply redirect the user to an alternative printer, without the need to resend the print order (Follow Me&You). This ensures flexibility and maximum availability of the printer park.

The efficient management of your printer park can help you make considerable savings in paper, toner, maintenance, electricity and environment.


CashPRO is a Windows-based, separate management instrument for an organised sales environment. The software enables professionals to easily manage prices, products and transactions.

CashPRO makes it possible to control, figure out and manage your sales department through clear reports. Managers are given clear insight into the turnover of individual payment terminals and in this way can easily plan stocks.

The CashPRO settings can be easily modified to fulfil the needs of the organisation. For example, guidelines can be created to automatically limit the use of certain payment terminals by who may buy what, and where. 


AccessPRO provides organisation with a simple but effective solution for using access controls.

AccessPRO is a software application based on Windows to control access and outgoings. With AccessPRO you can install permission to enter rooms or zones for users within your organisation.

AccessPRO offers details reporting functions based on the access guidelines installed. Security parameters can be installed at the main entrance to a building or in specific areas, zones or doors in the organisation. The controllers on the access door and the hubs can even work offline. 

Installation of the AccessPRO software is simple and works seamlessly with the Inepro hardware for user identification and various smart card technologies.

Universal Inepro Service

The Universal Inepro Service (UIS) enables independent software vendors to apply 3rd party products (software or hardware) to iBos. iBos in this instance becomes the centre of the solution to distribute reports the include product prices, users and value between the applications.

The UIS connector has many practical uses for integrators to adapt the service for linking 3rd party software, like print room management, class room attendance, web based portals, or specialised payment gateways, like parentpay, worldpay or paypal.