Enhanced customer experience through easy and fast payments

The SmartLine Q-Buster speeds up the ordering process of goods and services

Implement inepro’s self-service PoS to increase your turnover and improve customer satisfaction

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User experience

How satisfied a customer is with your products or services depends largely on the course of the purchase process at your location. Annoyances such as long queues can have a huge impact on the customer experience and can even lead to negative associations. Implementing the SmartLine Q-Buster, which simplifies and speeds up the ordering process of your products or services will prevent this. With this self-service Point of Sale (PoS), customers can easily pay and pick up their order at a specific location such as a cafeteria counter. This allows you to fully focus on delivering the best-in-class customer experience.





Independent payments

The ordering and payment process via the SmartLine Q-Buster is incredibly easy. The user interface on the 10" LCD screen guides the user through a clear menu. Choose a product, pay with coins or a (cashless) debit or creditcard, print the receipt and collect the order at the indicated location such as a counter. The user can go through the payment process completely independently. In addition, it is also possible to install an inepro RFID reader (13,56MHz and/or 125kHz) to enable payments with an organisation card (campus, public transportation etc.).





Self-service PoS technology

The SmartLine Q-Buster is a clean and robustly designed PoS terminal for self-service payments of goods and services. The LCD screen shows a very user friendly menu which can be completed with ease. The display can show up to 408 different products divided over 12 tabs and the SmartLine Q-Buster accepts different payments methods with cash or (contactless) debit and credit cards. In addition, as an operator you can enable email alerts that will warn you when the printer is out of paper, the money cassette is full or the door of the terminal is opened.





Focus on customer service

The SmartLine Q-Buster can contribute to an increase in your profits while your customers benefit from the technology of accelerated and independent payments. The self-service PoS allows you to move personnel such as cashiers to more customer service roles to give your customer’s experience a big positive boost. The touch screen technology also considerably reduces the chance of human error and thus the loss of income. In short, with the SmartLine Q-Buster you increase the quality of the customer experience, you optimize your processes and the deployment of your staff and you make better use of effective technology.