‘We are always interested in new solutions. Especially if we can make things better, faster and cheaper.’ That’s why Rudy Beset, Business Development Manager of Software & Solutions at Toshiba Tec The Netherlands, was so open to testing the compatibility of the inepro SCR RFID reader with Toshiba products.


All technologies

‘We had a choice of different RFID readers, each of which could be used to read various card technologies. But the SCR708 from inepro supports 125 kHz as well as 13.56 MHz technologies, for a price that was in line with the other readers. That’s what made the partnership between Toshiba Tec The Netherlands and inepro so interesting’, says Rudy Beset. To enable the SCR RFID reader to communicate with Toshiba software, only a few modifications needed to be made. Thanks to a smooth transition and exchange of knowledge from both sides, the USB-connected inepro reader now connects seamlessly with Toshiba products all over the world.


Fast delivery times

Because inepro develops, produces and distributes its own products all from its headquarters in the Netherlands, the RFID readers are ready for delivery within just a few days. ‘Thanks to the quick delivery and the other advantages, we’ve already implemented seven SCR 708 readers at a Dutch educational facility’, explains Beset. That organisation was in need of a solution with an encrypted sector. This means that
cards can only be read with the correct key, resulting in a much more secure system. The built-in inepro SCR readers, which are perfectly suited for this, allow users to authenticate themselves at the Toshiba multi-functional printers on the premises. By securing the printing process, documents can only be printed after the user’s ID has been verified, so sensitive information never falls into the wrong hands.


‘Throughout the implementation process, we could fully rely on the support department at inepro, who always had a quick, helpful answer to all our questions’, recalls Beset.


Today, the client is very pleased with the results of the project. Toshiba and inepro even collaborated to create a special card reader configuration that enables the encrypted sector to be read out according to the client’s wishes. The inepro configuration tool gave Toshiba everything it needed to start working on that solution itself. After that, inepro made sure that the readers were pre-programmed at the factory with the correct configuration, making them a plug-and-play solution.