During a visit to his Dutch colleagues, Joachim Thillman of Epson Europe Sweden was introduced to the SCR708 of inepro. “The first thing I noticed about the RFID reader was the design.

The design and colours fit seamlessly with our Multi Functional Printers. With the matching bracket and cable ducts, the reader seems to “blend in” with the Epson MFP. The perfect match,” says Thillman.


One unit

According to the Pre-Sales Technical Specialist, the ability to neatly conceal the cables is a plus. “We sell large Multi Functional Printers as well as smaller printers. It’s very nice that everything can be professionally assembled and concealed, so that it looks like a unit”.

The SCR RFID reader can now be viewed in Joachim Thillman’s Swedish showroom. “Resellers who visit us are very enthusiastic. Not only because of the design, but also because inepro’s reader supports all technologies.”


“Due to the exclusive cooperation between our local service partner Reachtech and inepro, the distribution of the RFID readers is well taken care of. The advantage is that the SCR708 is available from stock and the product can be delivered to our customer within a few days. In addition, Reachtech can also provide the service of the RFID readers,” says Thillman.


Configure yourself 

Meanwhile, the first SCR708 readers have been implemented in Sweden to secure printing, copying and scanning. “The readers are configured, so really plug-and-play. We also had a training session with inepro. If the customer has a very specific wish, we are convinced that we can easily modify the configuration ourselves,” says Joachim Thillman.