Epson Europe use inepro SCR708 RFID reader

During a visit to his Dutch colleagues, Joachim Thillman of Epson Europe Sweden was introduced to the SCR708 of inepro. “The first thing I noticed about the RFID reader was the design.

The design and colours fit seamlessly with our Multi Functional Printers. With the matching bracket and cable ducts, the reader seems to “blend in” with the Epson MFP. The perfect match,” says Thillman.

Toshiba case study inepro SCR708 RFID reader

‘We are always interested in new solutions. Especially if we can make things better, faster and cheaper.’ That’s why Rudy Beset, Business Development Manager of Software & Solutions at Toshiba Tec The Netherlands, was so open to testing the compatibility of the inepro SCR RFID reader with Toshiba products.