Brightspace is a coworking concept where meeting rooms and permanent and flexible workplaces are made available in an inspiring, professional and future-proof environment. Recently Brightspace opened a location where it facilitates over 100 members with attractive accommodations that meet all their needs. 


In addition, Brightspace's members can make use of the bistro, wifi, print services, coffee machines, fully equipped meeting rooms and more.

"To meet the desire of our members to be able to do everything with one app, we approached KUARIO for a solution. This payment and management platform makes it possible to centrally manage all self-service devices in the Cloud. Unattended services can be paid quickly and easily with the KUARIO mobile app", says Nienke Cliteur, Community Developer from Brightspace.




Until recently, the facility services within Brightspace were each offered in their own, different way. For example, the coffee from the machine could be paid for with cash. Access to the building was gained with a card and before documents could be printed, a login code had to be entered.


In order to increase ease of use and hospitality, an efficient solution was sought. "The payment and management platform KUARIO makes it possible to run all paid services within Brightspace via 1 app. This contributes enormously to the user-friendliness and hospitality within Brightspace. For example, our members can now easily pay or get access to something via a QR-code. The user interface is also very attractive visually, which makes the app very convenient to use for any type of tenant", says Nienke Cliteur enthusiastically.
Within Brightspace, various agreements are made with members about the services to be purchased and the associated costs. The KUARIO platform makes it possible to include price differentiations for all services such as print, coffee or access.
inepro is official distributor of the KUARIO management and payment platform.