In Haarlem there is an accommodation where 120 students live. The student flat with 112 living spaces of 18m2 with own kitchen, shared showers and toilets and 8 living spaces with own kitchen, toilet and shower is managed by housing corporation Stichting Pré Wonen. 


Pré Wonen wants to offer its tenants not only fine living spaces but also various facilities for optimum comfort. Part of this is a communal area with 2 washing machines and 2 dryers.


Chip card out of date

Janitor Willem Dekker of Pré Wonen explains that students could first pay with a chip card for washing and drying their clothes. This card was inserted into a slot in the machine, but because a lot was made of plastic, the parts and cards were damaged quickly or malfunctions occurred in the machines.

The student had to top-up the card via the janitor, request a new chip card in case of damage or report malfunctions. This was always subject to the janitor's working hours, which are only on weekdays and during office hours. "That was impractical and really out of date", says Willem Dekker. 

"Three months ago we started with the Electrolux machines that are connected in the cloud to the KUARIO payment system. The introduction of KUARIO went very smoothly. We hung up a poster with instructions in the laundry room. Extra communication was not necessary. The students immediately figured out how to activate the machines with their mobile app and now they use the shared laundry room on a daily basis".



Payment and activation with KUARIO

Per wash the student pays € 2,00 and for drying € 3,00. With the mobile app you can turn on the washing machine by paying, after you have selected the washing program with the button on the machine. To dry clothes, students use the KUARIO app to select the drying time and activate the machine by paying. 


“Above all, the convenience that the KUARIO app brings and the ease of maintenance is for us the greatest benefit of our new machines and payment system," emphasizes Willem Dekker.

inepro is official distributor of the KUARIO management- and payment platform.