Laundry Expert takes care of everything that has to do with 'clean laundry'. The company from Gramsbergen offers overall solutions including washing machines, payment systems and even the installation of boilers. Based on the type of laundry, available space, personnel, running hours and other factors, Laundry Expert provides tailored advice.

In addition to the entire installation, Laundry Expert also offers services such as the supply of ecological soap, maintenance and a fault clearing service. This way the manager of a residential complex, laundry or the local football club is completely relieved of the burden.


Laundry rooms with Nayax payment terminal

Three years ago, Matthias Odink, Sales Manager at Laundry Expert, contacted inepro. He was very curious about what inepro and Laundry Expert could do for each other. To date, Matthias Odink has implemented multiple solutions with a Nayax payment terminal. Very recently Laundry Expert completed 6 laundry rooms in a residential complex where the users pay via the Nayax payment solution. "As part of our overall concept, we initially offered coin-operated terminals, then came the shift to cashless which we could then easily provide via the Nayax payment terminals. With the implementation of the new Nayax Onyx we could introduce contactless payment", says Matthias Odink.


Paying in the laundry rooms, via the Nayax terminals, is very simple: "We place instructions so that users know how to pay. But in fact, it is so user-friendly that we never get questions about it," notes Matthias Odink. 



Carefree with total solutions

Not only is the market for laundry solutions changing rapidly, but also the needs of the user. "We notice that living spaces are becoming smaller and smaller and therefore the demand for shared laundry rooms is growing rapidly. The (real estate) manager is focused on renting out space and not providing services. With our total solutions we relieve our customers completely. On the user side we see that they want to pay quickly and safely, preferably with an app," says Matthias Odink.


Mobile payment for laundry with KUARIO

"During an inepro product training we were introduced to KUARIO. This cloud platform makes it possible to easily pay for our services via a mobile app. We are currently working on a project to replace various payment systems with KUARIO within a few months. An additional benefit of inepro's payment solutions is that you can also run reports. We use this on a daily basis, for example, to analyze peak times when a lot of washing is done", says Matthias Odink.


"I am very pleased with our partnership. Not only is our market changing very quickly, but also the way in which a user wants to pay. inepro always develops rapidly and keeps up with the latest demands. In addition, I can always contact my support person, Ad Polderman. He has a lot of knowledge", says Matthias Odink.


inepro is an official distributor of KUARIO. This payment and management platform connects machines in the cloud, whether it's a washing machine, dryer, barrier, printer, coffee machine or vending machine. These devices are then connected to the payment methods of KUARIO, so that users can easily pay anywhere via one mobile app, without any effort on your part. With KUARIO you have time for other, really important things!