Laundry room solutions Laundry Expert and Nayax payment

Laundry Expert takes care of everything that has to do with 'clean laundry'. The company from Gramsbergen offers overall solutions including washing machines, payment systems and even the installation of boilers. Based on the type of laundry, available space, personnel, running hours and other factors, Laundry Expert provides tailored advice.

In addition to the entire installation, Laundry Expert also offers services such as the supply of ecological soap, maintenance and a fault clearing service. This way the manager of a residential complex, laundry or the local football club is completely relieved of the burden.


KUARIO payment and management in education

"Welcome to the land of King Willem I College" can be read on the website of this school. The school is different from others, which is almost immediately apparent. This educational institution describes itself as a ‘country without borders’ and with unlimited possibilities.

printing at small universities with KUARIO

That you don't always have to be a major university to use KUARIO proves our customer, Shenzhou Open University.

This school, founded 30 years ago, is located at the Geldersekade in Amsterdam in the heart of the Chinese quarter. And that's not surprising, because this university specializes in studies in traditional Chinese medicine. This field can be divided into 3 disciplines: Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Tuina. At Tuina you will learn the massage technique based on Chinese principles.

payment system for shared offices
Brightspace is a coworking concept where meeting rooms and permanent and flexible workplaces are made available in an inspiring, professional and future-proof environment. Recently Brightspace opened a location where it facilitates over 100 members with attractive accommodations that meet all their needs.