With hardware and software solutions from inepro you can offer more security and user-friendliness in your organisation. For example, with RFID readers and AccessPRO from inepro you can not only control access to your entrances, doors and zones but you can also use these readers and an organisation card to introduce secure, mobile and cloud printing, access to lockers or cashless checkout, in the canteen or at a vending machine.

Card reader XSR808

The XSR808 from the latest series of inepro card readers is a contactless / RFID reader that can be used for access control. The XSR808, for secure and fast user identification, reads RFID cards quickly and simultaneously and uses high encryption technologies to ensure security.

Because the...

SCR808 network RFID reader

The SCR808 is inepro's RFID reader specially designed for your network printer. Due to its dimensions and design, the RFID reader can be easily installed or attached to the side of your Multi Functional Printer.

By linking the reader to the document accounting software DocuPRO you can secure...

SCR708.I RFID reader

The SCR708.I is an RFID reader, which can be built into various devices such as Multi Functional Printers, cash registers, laptops or PCs. The RFID reader enables user authentication, registration, access control and / or payments.

inepro's SCR708.I supports all card technologies in the 13.56...

PayCon Touch Mini Multi Functional Printer card reader

By connecting the PayCon Touch Mini to the inepro's DocuPRO software via the ethernet connection, printing is protected.

The user identifies himself with a card at the card reader before the prints are printed. This prevents confidential information from falling into the hands of third parties,...

biOid fingerprint scanner

The biOid fingerprint scanner is a special version of the MFP RFID reader variant, in which the card is replaced by your finger; the safest way of user identification.

The biOid is attached to an MFP and connected via the network to the DocuPRO server, the document accounting software from inepro....

Biometric XS reader access control

The Biometric XS Reader from inepro offers all the advantages of an IP access control system, which in combination with fingerprint biometrics offers a very high level of security. Through the use of innovative fingerprint technologies, quad-core CPU and Life Finger Detection (LFD) the new Biometric...

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Pay and charge

inepro develops and supplies various payment solutions. If you would like to offer a simple payment solution with a tanning bed, (car) laundry or camping shower, inepro offers very user-friendly coin-operated machines and timers. If you prefer to create an environment without cash, inepro offers card readers, registration and management software with automatic upgrades, a mobile app or webloader to supplement the credit on the organization card.

Nayax payment terminal and telemetry

With the Nayax Onyx you have a payment terminal that accepts a wide range of payment methods such as contactless bank cards, credit cards, Apple Pay,...

KUARIO platform with payment app and management of payments

KUARIO is a cloud platform for payments. Through the clear and secure KUARIO app you can pay contactless at unmanned kiosks such as Multi Functional Printers, lockers, hot and cold drink machines, vending machines, electric charging stations, washing machines, kiddie rides and more.

In addition...

SmartLine Value Loader automatic top up machine

The SmartLine Value Loader is inepro's self-service terminal for topping up with coins, notes or debit and credit cards.

The user can identify himself by scanning an (organisation) card, after which it can be topped up. There is a variant for payment with cash and a variant for payment with...

SmartLine TimePRO service terminal

The Smartline TimePRO machine has been specially developed for, among other things, launderettes, tanning studios and internet cafes. The SmartLine TimePRO controls payment and registration of all available devices.

inepro's service terminal keeps track of occupancy and remaining time and...

SmartLine Q-Buster self-service payment kiosk

The SmartLine Q-Buster (SML628) is a beautifully and robustly designed self-service PoS solution for simple and fast payments of goods and services. With the implementation of the SmartLine Q-Buster, organisations can focus on offering the best possible customer experience and waiting times are considerably...

PayMatic D2000e coin machine

inepro's most versatile PayMatic D2000e coin machine offers all the functions you need for switching tanning beds, hairdryers, air conditioners, car washes, washing machines and more.

The electronic coin acceptor is suitable for accepting 5 coins or tokens of your choice. The 4 digit LED display...

PayMatic D2000 coin machine

The PayMatic D2000 coin machine offers all the functions you need to switch any desired device. Think of sunbeds, air conditioning, car washes, washing machines, hairdryers and more.

The integrated software keeps track of how much time has been purchased and how much time is left. The viewing...

PayMatic Coin-T coin machine for copiers

If you want to pay for and register copies within your organisation, then the PayMatic Coin-T is very suitable. This coin-operated machine has been specially developed for payment at photocopiers.

With the two displays on the PayMatic Coin-T, the ease of use of the coin machine is considerably...

PayMatic Coin-F coin machine for copiers

The PayMatic Coin-F is a coin-operated machine specially developed for the payment and registration of copies.

With the sustainable coin-operated machine made of very strong plastic, you can pay with 8 different coins. The 4 digit LED display shows the remaining value.

The return button...

PayMatic AD2400-b coin machine

The PayMatic AD2400-b is the ideal entry-level model when you are looking for a coin machine with different functionalities. The coin-operated machine can be used for time settlement (max 15 minutes) for showers, tanning beds, hairdryers, washing machines and more.

The PayMatic AD2400-b is ideal...

PayMatic AD2400 coin machine

The best-selling coin machine from the inepro range is the PayMatic AD2400. This machine offers countless possibilities for an extremely friendly price. With the PayMatic AD2400 you can control the time calculation of up to 15 minutes of showers, tanning beds, irons, washing machines and more.


PTM Vending card reader for vending machines

The PayCon Touch Mini Vending is designed according to the EVA guideline and therefore very suitable for installation in vending machines. The 3" color touch screen has a high degree of user-friendliness and quick handling for the user.

The PTM308 software is available for both the MDB and Excecutive...

PayCon Touch Mini POS payment terminal

The PayCon Touch Mini POS is inepro's stand-alone payment terminal, suitable for the simple depreciation of accounts. The terminal can also be used as a top-up terminal via the management function.

The cashier manually enters the amount to be paid on the keypad on the 3" touch screen. After...

PayCon Touch POS EFT debit terminal

The PayCon Touch Mini POS EFT is a terminal with which credit can be debited from an account. After the amount to be depreciated is shown on the handy 3" display, the amount is (deducted) booked after reading a user card and the 'OK' command. After, the display displays the new balance.


PayCon Touch Mini Comm card reader

The PayCon Touch Mini Comm is a terminal suitable for connection to an external device such as a (PosPRO) cash register. In this configuration, the PTM is used to send data from a card to the external device.

The user offers his card via the payment terminal, after a payment amount is shown...

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By registering the use of your services and products you get immediate insight. In addition, you can link cost centers to users or departments and by using quotas you can allocate free products / services to users in a certain period. Document flows can also be made transparent, so you can use your services more efficiently and thus save money.

Cash register PosPRO Panel POS

The PosPRO Panel POS is a full-fledged and complete solution for, among other things, canteens within a closed card system. The cash register, which provides a fantastic customer experience, is one of inepro's developments to create a completely cashless environment. Because the Panel POS greatly...

Cash register PosPRO AerTab

The PosPRO AerTab is a full-fledged and complete solution for, among other things, canteens within a closed card system. The cash register, which provides a fantastic customer experience, is one of inepro's developments to create a completely cashless environment. Because the AerTab greatly improves...

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Management software

inepro has developed the modular inepro Back office suite. This software solution consists of, among other things, the document accounting software DocuPRO, CashPRO with which you can manage your sales environment, the AccessPRO access control system and more. These modules can be implemented separately or together. So there is a suitable solution for every organisation size and budget!

DocuPRO document accounting software

DocuPRO regulates, reduces and optimizes the document flows within your organisation and ensures maximum protection of your documents.

Print jobs are only released when the user identifies himself at the printer. This increases safety and prevents unnecessary printing. If a centrally located...

Universal inepro Service for connection applications

The Universal inepro Service (UIS) makes it possible for independent software vendors to link their application to iBos. In this way, iBos becomes the center of the solution and reports product prices, user information and other data between the applications.

The UIS connector has many practical...

ScanPRO Embedded Client for Ricoh

The ScanPRO embedded client for Ricoh is a software-based graphical user interface for Ricoh SOP and Java Multifunctional printers (MFPs). The software application provides optimum convenience when scanning on the MFP. In addition, the intuitive interface of the ScanPRO embedded client offers a simplified...

ScanPRO for compact and editable documents

ScanPRO is the self-developed addition to inepro's Back office suite (iBos) and based on 'Optical Character Recognition' (OCR). Using this technology, ScanPRO converts your scanned paper documents, digital images of text and PDFs of images into editable and searchable formats.

By using specific...

PosPRO EPOS solution

PosPRO is a Windows based EPOS application that works with CashPRO, a module of the inepro Back office suite (iBos). In iBos all settings, products, prices and employees can be configured. The biggest advantage of PosPRO is that with just one simple click, product configurations can be sent to all...

iBos Web Loader for online top up

The iBos Web Loader is a simple and user-friendly tool that enables users to top up the credit of their iBos account online via their laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Every user within an organisation with the cashless payment solution from inepro has its own iBos account where the credit is stored....

DocuPRO MO web print application

DocuPRO MO is a web-based application that allows secure release of print jobs on any device with an internet connection. The DocuPRO MO application offers users the possibility to log in via manual input, user name and password, card or biometrics. It also offers users the possibility to link each...

DocuPRO Embedded Client for Xerox

The DocuPRO embedded client for Xerox is a software-based graphical user interface for Xerox multifunctional printers (MFPs). The software application ensures optimum ease of operation on the MFP for printing, copying and scanning. In addition, the intuitive interface of the DocuPRO embedded client...

DocuPRO Embedded Client for Ricoh SOP

The DocuPRO embedded client for Ricoh SOP is a software-based graphical user interface for Ricoh SOP multifunction printers (MFPs). The software application ensures optimum ease of operation on the MFP for printing, copying and scanning. In addition, the intuitive interface of the DocuPRO embedded...

DocuPRO Embedded Client for Konica Minolta

The DocuPRO embedded client for Konica Minolta is a software-based graphical user interface for Konica Minolta multifunction printers (MFPs).

The software application ensures optimum ease of operation on the MFP for printing, copying and scanning. In addition, the intuitive interface of the...

CashPRO for your sales environment

CashPRO supports you in maintaining a clear overview of your sales environment. With the software you can manage prices, products and transactions fairly easily.

By means of straightforward reports, you get a clear insight into, among other things, the turnover of individual terminals and you...

AccessPRO for access control

AccessPRO is a user-friendly and effective solution for access and exit control.

AccessPRO allows you to set permissions to rooms or zones for users within your organisation. In addition, the software offers reporting functions based on the set access guidelines.

The installation of the...

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