The PayCon Touch Mini POS is inepro's stand-alone payment terminal, suitable for the simple depreciation of accounts. The terminal can also be used as a top-up terminal via the management function.

The cashier manually enters the amount to be paid on the keypad on the 3" touch screen. After the amount to be paid is shown to the user, the user keeps the card on top of the terminal. As soon as the user presses 'OK', the amount is debited and the remaining balance is shown in the display.

The PTM Mini POS can easily be connected to the network and the CashPRO software, this way all transactions are downloaded into the centralized inepro Back office suite.

The PTM Mini POS supports all card technologies in both the 13.56MHz and the 125kHz range. In this way, multiple standards can coexist within one organisation without problems. The PTM Mini POS is suitable for environments where the credit is on the server (SVS).

Product specifications

  • Dimensions: 95mm x 116mm x 62mm
  • Relay: 2 x 6.3 Amp
  • Weight: 0.28kg
  • Contacts: Potential free
  • Power supply: 230VAC adapter
  • Electronics: PCN3
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Transmit freq .: 13.56 MHz and / or 125 kHz
  • Color: Red (RAL 3020) and black
  • OS: Embedded Linux
  • Display: 3" full color touch screen
  • NFC: NFC-ready
  • Communication: Ethernet (IP) or Serial by RS232
  • PIN code: Optional

Supported ISO standards

  • ISO 14443 A / B CSN & ISO 14443A-4 (T=CL)
  • ISO 15693 CSN
  • ISO 18092 (NFC)
  • Legic RF / Sony Felica / Inside Contactless

Supported 13.56MHz technologies

  • Legic Prime / - Advant / - AFS
  • Infineon SLE66 / - my-d
  • Texas Instruments Tag-It
  • EM Microelectronics EM4035
  • NFC Forum Tag 1/2/3/4 types
  • Inside Contactless (UID)
  • iClass (UID)
  • Sony Felicia
  • Mifare Classic (UID) / - DESfire / - Plus / - SmartMX / NXP Ultralight

Supported 125kHz technologies

  • EM4X02 (aka UNIQUE) / EM4X50
  • Q5
  • Hitag1 / Hitag2
  • Prox / Indala