The ScanPRO embedded client for Ricoh is a software-based graphical user interface for Ricoh SOP and Java Multifunctional printers (MFPs). The software application provides optimum convenience when scanning on the MFP. In addition, the intuitive interface of the ScanPRO embedded client offers a simplified experience.

User authentication can be achieved through manual login on the MFP screen, using a fingerprint via a fingerprint scanner or an RFID card via a card reader.

ScanPRO saves, processes, manages and distributes documents in a smart way (Document Management System). inepro's software solution compresses each newly formatted document and automatically creates multi-scan zip files. The target plug-in API contains various document destinations, such as: Home folder and e-mail.

The Multi-CPU PDF Rendering and Multi-threaded converter accelerate the document flow by executing multiple processes simultaneously. In addition to formats such as PDF, DOCX, TIFF, JPG and PNG, ScanPRO also converts e-mails including attachments.

Product specifications

  • Standalone:
    • server
    • Ricoh SOP
  • Integrated:
    • DocuPRO7
    • DocuPRO embedded
  • Identification:
    • Manual log-in or user ID and password via the MFP touchscreen
    • With an RFID card (eg Mifare, Legic, Hitag) via RFID readers
    • Using a fingerprint via the Inepro biometric reader
  • Multilingual


  • Destination location for the scan job: Home folder or e-mail
  • Document output format: PDF, PDF / S, Word, Image
  • Simplex or duplex
  • Automatically in color or black and white
  • Remove blank pages
  • Paper size selection
  • Quality of the scan output (DPI selector) (only for SOP)
  • Booklet scanning (multiple different pages in 1 document) (only for SOP)
  • Triple-A authentication