What is your ambition?

Are you aware of how much time you and your employees spend every day on administrative tasks? Tasks that cost your organisation time, effort, energy and money? Tasks that are necessary for the current organisational structure, but are far removed from the purpose of your role within the organisation? – Tasks that keep you from opening your ambitions and delivering it?

Inepro develops high-value payment and management solutions that can take over mundane administrative tasks, or better still make them completely redundant. As part of this, Inepro offers a total concept, which means that we provide both the hardware and the software that work together seamlessly. From one supplier, and thus also with one contact point. It's as easy as that. 

Inepro employes a dedicated R&D team that specialises in product development at our main office in Nieuw-Vennep, and together with our many years of experience, we are confident of delivering a solution to alleviate any operational headaches that may be faced within your organisation, thus giving you back valued time for you to focus on the core business and follow your ambition. This is why you should take steps today in preparation for the things that are coming tomorrow.

Green innovation

With an eye to the future, Inepro holds green innovations to the heart. Using our products and solutions not only saves our customers time and money, they also contribute to a better environment and a greener planet.

Our Head Office is also designed using the latest green innovations. In this way and partly thanks to earth heat and CCA (core concrete activation, an annual saving of 40% is made and the building is certified to be completely CO2-neutral.  

The specially designed and highly efficient cooling and heating systems ensures an optimum work climate that stores heat in the summer to dispense it during the winter. The flexible, centralised LED lighting system creates a very comfortable ambiance in which to work. Because we believe mutual communication is extremely important, as many of the walls as possible in the building are made of glass. In this way, everyone is always in direct contact with everyone else, and the building feels very open.