While the R&D team is working on the finishing touches in the software, the sales team is preparing for the official release of DocuPRO 7. After a long period of development and a lot of effort, the software is now nearly finished. To get you as enthusiastic as we are, here is a short overview of the main features of DocuPRO 7.

Inepro is delighted to announce a new hardware terminal to work alongside the popular iBos payment platform. With the increasing demand for a single card I.D. solution to control print management, cashless catering & vending or controlled access, Inepro has now launched a new payment controller specifically aimed at the OPL (On Premise Laundry) market.

With our new PrintMyDoc Box Console, customers can collect and pay their print jobs that are sent with our cloud-print application PrintMyDoc. With PrintMyDoc users can send print jobs from any mobile device such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone without installing drivers or having to log on to a local network. After the print job is send it can be collected at any connected location by entering the unique job code you receive after sending the print job.

For a large multinational is Spain, Inepro created a tool which uses the company smartphones for authentication at printers, vending machines and for access control. For security reasons, the company wanted to make use of secure SIM-cards. Using a specially designed tool, the card readers are now able to access a secure application on the SIM-cards within the phone.

How does Inepro helps partners achieve new software solution sale opportunities? Observation within the education and corporate sectors shows a real need for better working practises, both markets operate print devices, canteens, vending machines, time & attendance, access control and many other cashless services. Inepro provides a unique and proven solution called the iBos software suite, a reliable software package that allows you to look into other areas of business needs within an existing client base.

Since April 1st 2014 Inepro BV has moved to a distinctive location: The Innovation Centre of the University of Exeter. The new office space coincides with the success of Inepro software & hardware solutions within the UK print & copy / cashless markets over the last 5 years. The new location also provides an opportunity to meet existing and new business partners in a working showroom within picturesque Devon. We trust our new UK office will continue to excel in offering UK partners pre-sales and pricing support.

We are honored to announce our new company branding!! Last year we worked hard to create a contemporary branding that fits our forward-looking, innovative attitude. After a new, self-developed, CO2-neutral headquarters in 2010, a new stylish product line in 2013, Inepro finalizes his company update with this new branding.

Until not long ago you had to guess how long you were going to park your car somewhere when buying a parking ticket. Afraid of getting fined you often overpaid. With the arrival of smartphone and mobile parking you only pay for the time you actually park. This is fair! But strangely we never think about whether it is fair that we always pay the same amount for a colour print independent of the amount of colour on the page.   

On January 13, 2014, the European Central Bank has presented the new €10 banknote, the next and second banknote from the Europa series. Although it looks similar to the old one, the new banknote has new and improved security features. The new bill will become available on September 23rd 2014.

The Inepro Latin America adventure started a year ago, when the Inepro office in Spain received a request to quote for a University in a Mexican city, close to the capital. After several conference calls - knowing that Latin America continues to be the fastest growing regions with India, Brazil and China, and Mexico topping the list of fastest growing countries - the decision was made to have an Inepro team to fly over to Mexico City. That way the team could investigate the opportunities of this very interesting and promising country on site.