MyInepro is a very user-friendly mobile application, which can be used in an Inepro Back office suite (iBos) environment, to monitor transactions and manage print-documents. Because of the practical and clean design the home screen will show you a summary of most recent payments, the current balance, how much has been spent in total in the previous week and how many documents are placed in the printing queue.

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Inepro offers you all the benefits of a cloud service. In response to the growing preference for mobile devices and cloud computing PrintMyDoc and Inepro’s Web Loader were developed. Inepro’s PrintMyDoc creates a simple private or public mobile printing environment for everyone. To simplify topping up within a cashless environment Inepro developed the Web Loader.


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iBos’ newest update, which will be available to you soon, will provide additional tools to get you a clear overview of processes. iBos 7.8 provides you optimized and extended management reporting features to generate more and very specific reports.


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ScanPRO is the newest self-developed addition to Inepro’s Back office suite (iBos) based on Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. Inepro’s new software module will be released within two months and will assist you in converting your scanned documents into compact, editable and searchable formats.

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To get the full experience of their solutions, Osborne Technologies’ office guests always get a tour around their showroom. Recently Inepro was also rewarded with a new and beautiful demo spot at our business partner’s office. In the many years that Osborne Technologies has been providing IT solutions, their business has grown steadily into the comprehensive provider they are today.

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