Twenty-five years ago, Inepro started out as a supplier of 'simple' coin-operated machines. Over the past 25 years, the company has grown and transformed into an innovative, industry-leading developer and supplier of identification, cashless and contactless payment solutions.

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On Tuesday, April 4th, the European Central Bank (ECB) will introduce the new fifty-euro banknote. After the new 5,10 and 20 Euros the 50 euros will also have security features which makes counterfeiting even more difficult. With these new characteristics, it also is easier to authenticate the 50 euro banknote. Just as the 20 euro bill the 50 euro note has a transparent window with a hologram of the mythological figure Europa.

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On Thursday, March 30th 2017, the 10th edition of the VO congress in Nieuwegein will take place. Each year the association of schools in secondary education, the VO-Raad, organizes the congress for administrators, school leaders and teachers. This year the VO-conference will focus on 'Managing change'. Leadership is crucial! Especially in education, where it is not about business and paper but everything revolves around the interaction between people.

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