The speed skating team of Wim Nieuwenhuizen, which has been sponsored by inepro for years, has had a season full of adventures and successes. In addition, the team also experienced some setbacks such as the injury due to a fall on the ice from Vishwaraj R. Jadeja.

However, team members Bart Valentijn, Quinty van Klink and Vishwaraj R. Jadeja can look back on a good season because of their positive attitudes.

In season 2017/2018, Quinty and Bart started 285 times, of which no less than 46 resulted in a Personal Record. Competitions that were entered were the Dutch Classics in Nijmegen, the Opening Competition Leeuwarden in Heerenveen, international competitions in Erfurt and more. In preparation for these competitions, training camps were held in, among others, the Ardennes, the French Alps and Italy.

"During the season a lot of positive things happened to our team. We have experienced many trainings with adventures, successes but also disappointments. The season has brought a lot of fun, satisfaction and success. All team members have enjoyed the many highlights during the past season, but also learned from the lows and overcoming them", coach Wim Nieuwenhuizen said.

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Photo credits: Lodewijk