50% of a customer experience is based on emotions. Therefore, it is very important that the buying process of your products or services is as pleasant as possible. The SmartLine Q-Buster is an effective tool that can contribute to a very positive experience for your customer.

Our self-service Point of Sale (PoS) is specifically designed to reduce long waiting times by making independent payments possible.

The SmartLine self-service PoS is a great way to order and pay for goods and services. The 10” touch screen, which can display a total of 408 products subdivided into 12 tabs, provides clear instructions so users are easily guided through the menu. All your customers have to do is select the product and the payment method, pay, take the receipt and move to a predetermined location (i.e. canteen counter) to collect the order.

With the SmartLine Q-Buster you can enable independent payments, speed up the ordering process and improve your customer relations significantly. In addition, use of our great technology reduces the chance of human error. If efficiency and high-quality service have your priority, the SmartLine Q-Buster is the right choice for you! The SmartLine Q-Buster is available from 4 December 2018. For more information, please visit: inepro.com/en/smartline-q-buster/, e-mail info@inepro.com or call us at +31 (0)252 744044.