The Corona virus has been detected in the Netherlands and more and more measures are being taken to prevent its further spread. inepro is also taking its social responsibility in this respect and believes that everyone's health is paramount.

We will therefore adhere to the RVIM (Dutch National Institute of Public Health and Environment) guidelines until further notice. 

We are available

This means that we will provide you with the best service at all times, only in a different way than you are accustomed to from us.

Until further notice, appointments at our office or at your location will be limited, and we will work digitally as much as possible (remote support, Skype, by telephone or e-mail). 

We also work from home whenever possible. During office hours we can be reached by phone (+31 (0) 252 744 044) or by e-mail ( Your account manager can also be reached on his/her mobile number and by e-mail.

inepro remains available for all your questions and relies on your understanding of these necessary measures to limit the spread of the virus.