The Alkwin Kollege is a large school for havo, atheneum and vwo+, including gymnasium and is located in Uithoorn.

The Alkwin Kollege has 167 employees, 131 teachers and an educational support staff of 36. The open Catholic school, which also welcomes students of other faiths and philosophies, has 1617 pupils. 

Advantages Epson & Kuario print solution

The teachers, employees and students of the Alkwin Kollege make a lot of use of Epson printers and projectors on a daily basis.

According to Ron van der Sluis of the Alkwin Kollege, major advantages of the Epson Multi Functional Printers with KUARIO are their speed and energy efficiency compared to laser printers. 

More about the Alkwin Kollege in this client case video of Epson.