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Last year Inepro successfully launched a Ricoh ES-specialist incentive program to show our appreciation and gratitude for the representation and promotion of Inepro’s identification- and payment platform in Latin America. Participants, including representatives of Ricoh’s top projects, could win an all-expenses paid trip to Europe.
Out of the impressive sales results of this last semester a top 3 of projects could be established including Ricoh Mexicana, Ricoh Chile and Ricoh Peru.
During the Ricoh Educational Summit in Panama at the 26th of October, Diana Morante (Vertical Markets Marketing Manager Ricoh Latin America) was assigned with the great task to draw a winner from 3 closed envelopes with the subsidiaries’ names. After this exciting moment, Ricoh Mexicana was declared the winner and then rewarded with Inepro’s ES incentive for their project at Universidad La Salle.

Winner all-expenses paid trip to Inepro’s head office

Bernardo Caraveo Posadas impressed Inepro with a big renewal project at Universidad La Salle. The 37-year old Bernardo is in charge of selling and implementing innovative products, services and solutions of Ricoh in the Mexican market for educational institutions.
With 7 years of experience at Ricoh and 6 years at IKON Office Solutions Bernardo Caraveo Posadas has all the knowledge to provide Ricoh’s clients the best suitable solution. By rewarding Bernardo with the ES-incentive, he is invited to visit Inepro’s head office in Nieuw-Vennep (The Netherlands).

Universidad La Salle

Since Ricoh and Universidad La Salle started their collaboration in 2014 offering print services to students, teachers and administrators the service and technological expectations were exceeded. After 3 years, a new goal was set to improve the experience and technology which is currently offered.
Ricoh offered Universidad La Salle the opportunity to make a technical comparison of other solution providers. After collecting this information, Ricoh was chosen having the best solutions and being the most reliable partner.
The renewal entailed administration of payment and control of prints for students, teachers and administrators. With the new version of Inepro’s DocuPro plus the Embedded SOP the administration of printing services could be improved. Universidad La Salle now can manage the prints that are generated not only by the print spool but also those generated by USB and cloud platforms (office365, Dropbox, etc.).