Inepro has updated its high security platform for identity management and payment. With Inepro Back Office Suite (iBos) budgets, transactions, payments and registrations are centralized in one user-friendly and transparent software system.

The newest version of the modular solution for companies of all sizes is all about simplification of installation and configuration. Features like automatic data collection or the installation of multiple apps simultaneously will greatly facilitate and accelerate your set-up process. With other novelties like USB print and high security through encrypted communication you can truly meet the needs of the customers.

Easy setup iBos 7.12

The focus of the new version of iBos is to increase ease of use for your customers. All installation processes have been simplified and optimized to save you even more time. With easy AD configuration, iBos will automatically connect to an active directory to collect data utilizing automated mapping. With one click you will have all the basic data you need for configuration which can be executed remotely and then automatically deployed centrally.

High availability in iBos 7.12

As part of its modular architecture, DocuPro, which controls your document management, comes with lots of new features. Our offline printing mode within DocuPRO will increase your availability significantly. Depending on your type/brand of MFP it is now possible to authenticate, print, copy and pay while the device is offline. If an organization works with, for example, satellite offices, everything is processed centrally. If this connection is lost, all offices will be ‘down’ and unable to print. Using our high availability mode within these offices, if transactions are synchronized, printing activities can proceed whilst offline.

Highlights iBos 7.12

The focus of iBos 7.12 has been optimization of processes which resulted in, amongst other things, the fastest installation yet. Besides this very significant update, the newest version of iBos has a lot of noteworthy features to offer such as:

  • High availability (off line authentication, print, copy, payments)
  • Easy, fast and remote configuration and installation
  • Corporate purchases within iBos (with card/token etc) require a cost center
  • Search for user IDs using card numbers (for organizations using anonymous cards)
  • Fast authentication for print, copy, scan and payments
  • New report options
  • Product related quotas display in monetary value
  • Print directly from an USB
  • High (encrypted) security

iBos 7.12 will be available from September 5th 2017 and can be downloaded by Inepro’s partners via our partner portal: Users, with active Software Release Packages (SRP) and a maximum of 2 years remaining on previous releases, can download iBos 7.12 without additional costs.

For more information, please visit:, e-mail or call us at +31 (0)252 744044.