A decade ago, we slowly became familiar with the term cloud computing and now more than a third of all companies use the cloud. It allows them to work more efficiently without high investments. In addition, it gives users access to company data, programs, processes and files anywhere, anytime. Because we are becoming more and more flexible, the online workplace, which can be accessed from any location with any device, is becoming increasingly popular.

Although this 'new' workstation can be set up entirely according to company-specific needs, wishes and requirements, it is still not easy to be able to print or scan from any location using any multifunctional printer (MFP). This should actually be as simple as 'working' in the cloud.


Bring your own device (BYOD) and print flexibility 

As a result of flexible working, the growth of shared offices and the hiring of externals, companies are also increasingly having to deal with users, employees and/or guests who bring their own devices (BYOD). This creates an extra challenge. More people will have to make their smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC suitable for printing at their current location by logging into the local network. A lot of hassle.

Managing this and ensuring security can be quite a task for the organisation. The traditional use of multifunction printers (MFPs) in an office environment also requires a huge investment. This often involves expensive server installations, complicated configurations and setting up a complex document accounting system so that simple printing, copying, scanning and faxing can be made available to users.


Cloud printing with KUARIO Office a solution

With the development of KUARIO Office we now offer a complete cloud application so users can print, copy and scan anywhere without hassle. This means easy printing, copying, scanning and faxing via all KUARIO enabled printers, no matter where they are located. The user only installs the printer driver once.

The KUARIO cloud application greatly simplifies the entire process of installation and configuration. Your organisation will be up and running within minutes and your costs will be significantly reduced.


KUARIO Office also ideal for offices with flexi workspaces

Do people in your organisation work alot with their own devices? How easy would it be if everyone could securely print and scan from the cloud? KUARIO makes that possible.

The KUARIO mobile app turns your smartphone or tablet into an intelligent hub by scanning a QR code on the MFP display. All documents available on the device or in any cloud storage (Office 365, OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud etc.) can be printed directly and securely via the MFP.

With KUARIO Manager, an online dashboard, you are able to fully manage and monitor MFPs, configure products and prices and analyze your document accounting. All through a single dashboard in the cloud.

KUARIO Office is offered as a monthly service. For users, the mobile app will be completely free.

inepro is official distributor of the KUARIO management- and payment platform.