Inepro releases an update of its innovative modular software solution Inepro Back office suit (iBos). This elaborate and updated version will offer new features, functionalities and more benefits such as simplified license structures and easier installation. iBos provides a number of software modules which connects different operating processes like paying, printing, scanning, access registration and puts them under one transparent and registrable management. iBos consists of the software modules: DocuPRO, CashPRO, AccessPRO and Embedded Client Applications for Ricoh, Konica Minolta and Xerox.

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Inepro joined forces and has become a member of the ECCA, the European Campus Card Association. The mission of the association is to assist education institutions to implement secure ID Credentials that will facilitate the operation of campus card programmes and enable information exchange between education institutions. This will be achieved by developing European standards where appropriate and by acting as a forum for interaction, networking and developing partnerships between the institutions and the campus card transaction industry.

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Like all reputable manufacturers of equipement, Inepro recognizes that the need for repairs does occasionally occur. The good news is, within our mission to remain highly efficient and adventurous, we have recently simplified our RMA procedure to help all our valued customers expedite repairs as quickly as possible. The change in procedure is active as of now.

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Seit dem 23.09. ist die neue € 10 Banknote im Umlauf. Seit der Einführung 2002 gehören die Euro Banknoten zu den am Zahlungsmitteln, denen am meisten vertraut wird. Um dieses Vertrauen auch weiter zu gewährleisten, sind in die neuen Banknoten die neuesten Entwicklungen bei der Banknotenherstellung eingeflossen.

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While the R&D team is working on the finishing touches in the software, the sales team is preparing for the official release of DocuPRO 7. After a long period of development and a lot of effort, the software is now nearly finished. To get you as enthusiastic as we are, here is a short overview of the main features of DocuPRO 7.

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