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Today Inepro releases its new mobile app MyInepro, yet another valuable addition to our overall cashless solution. The MyInepro application for end-users, within an Inepro Back office suit (iBos) environment, gives insight into and control over transactions and documents and has capabilities similar to mobile banking apps. Organizations which connect different operating processes like accounting, paying, printing, scanning, access registration by using the latest version of iBos, can now offer the same transparency and insight to their employees or students with MyInepro.

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Even though it’s often said that office employees don’t get much exercise during the day, Epson claims otherwise. According to the company, specialised in digital imaging technology, an office-employee walks 500 meters a day. Cause of all this activity: printers!

Epson asked 3600 employees from Italy, France, Germany, Spain and the UK how often a day they send out a print job and how far they have to walk to collect it. Results show that they have an average of printing 21 times and walk 24 meters. Which brings up a total of 500 meters a day or 110 kilometers a year (2.6 marathons).

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Inepro knows your time is valuable and because of that our Inepro demo-bus will drive up to Brussels and Brugge to meet you there. At our bus we can offer you an overall experience of our cashless payment and management system and give you the opportunity to test our solutions real-time.

If you don’t want to miss Inepro’s Roadshow we gladly invite you at the:

  • 17th of February (12.30u) - Parking E19, Peutie (Brussels)
  • 17th of February (16.00u) - Fotografielaan, Wilrijk (Brussels)
  • 19th of February (9.30u) - De Ring R30, nearby Boninvest + Interparking Brugge (Bargeweg 0)
  • 24th of February, Brussels

For more information please mail our Belgium contact

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Inepro releases an update of its innovative modular software solution Inepro Back office suit (iBos). This elaborate and updated version will offer new features, functionalities and more benefits such as simplified license structures and easier installation. iBos provides a number of software modules which connects different operating processes like paying, printing, scanning, access registration and puts them under one transparent and registrable management. iBos consists of the software modules: DocuPRO, CashPRO, AccessPRO and Embedded Client Applications for Ricoh, Konica Minolta and Xerox.

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