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Since the release of Inepro Back office suite’s  update in February, Inepro has been highlighting its complementary features and possibilities. In March Inepro introduced the new iBos end-user app MyInepro for more insight into and control over transactions and documents. This month Inepro zooms in on the simplification of licenses and features of the modular software solution.


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In 2017 England will introduce a new £1 coin, replacing the current one which is already 33 years old. The announcement in 2014 of the new £1, raised some concerns in different industries about possible adjustments resulting from this change. The ministry of Finances dismissed most by assuring as many factors as possible have been taken in consideration to avoid unnecessary extra costs.


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Inepro values your time and will drive up to you with its demo bus at the 14th of April. At our bus we can offer you an overall experience of our cashless payment and management solutions. This way you can try out our systems at our stand and practise the ease of use of our solutions live.

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Inepro is a corporate member of the European Campus Card Association (ECCA). This association assists European education institutions to implement secure ID Credentials that will facilitate the operation of campus card programmes and enable information exchange between institutions. ECCA initiated an important research study and we like to invite you to participate by filling in their on-line survey.

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