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Inepro introduces its latest contactless card reader with a long read range and quick read outs. The SCR708 is Inepro’s new RFID reader and is the DCR707/708.Gs as well as the MCR707/708.Gs successor. Besides its cleaner and sleeker exterior, the SCR708 will come with all the combined benefits of the previous editions with a greater performance.


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Inepro Back office suite (iBos) is a high security platform for identity management and payment. With this solution budgets, transactions, payments and registrations are centralized in one user-friendly and transparent software system. Because of its modular structure iBos can be customized to your specific wishes and implemented in organisations of all sizes.

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From August 5 till 21 the Olympic Games took place in Rio de Janeiro (Brasil). During the 28th edition of this big sport event our Dutch athletes won 8 gold, 7 silver and 4 bronze medals and according to the tradition winners like Sanne Wevers and Dorian van Rijsselberghe celebrated their victory in a crowded and festive Heineken Holland House in Rio.


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MyInepro is a very user-friendly mobile application, which can be used in an Inepro Back office suite (iBos) environment, to monitor transactions and manage print-documents. Because of the practical and clean design the home screen will show you a summary of most recent payments, the current balance, how much has been spent in total in the previous week and how many documents are placed in the printing queue.

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